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11 May 2008 @ 04:13 pm
list of tutorials - coloring [Gimp, PSP/PSE/other]  
Because I hated the chaos in my bookmarks.

Updated: 27 Aug 2008


1] None of these were made by me.
[except 4 in the GIMP section]
2] Do not hotlink these images please. I uploaded these on my own photobucket.
3] Do not ask me to link one of your tutorials. I only list my favorites.
4] Graphics larger than 100x100 are linked as thumbnails hence the quality seems to be worse than it really is.
5] If you don't want to have your tutorial here leave a comment and I'll delete it.
6] If you find a dead link leave me a comment please *puppy eyes*

list 1.1: colorings (with Photoshop)
list 2: guides, big tutorials, links





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